Genetic Algorithm

Evolution and environmental settings can be changed via the left-side off-canvas menu (button in the upper-left). These settings can be changed before launching the simulation, or while the simulation is running. (note: plots will only show in large windows).

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How to use Evolve-A-Robot

The information in this modal box explains how to set up and run a simulation. It is divided into two sections, “Settings Menu” and “Window Controls”.

Settings Menu

The sections below correspond to the menu selections available on the left-hand side of the window. The default settings have been chosen to make an “interesting” simulation, but feel free to experiment with the settings to see what effect they have on the evolved robot.




Window Controls

After the parameters have been chosen in the Settings Menu, click the “Play/Pause” button in the main window to start the simulation. The same button will pause the simulation at any time. Click the “Reset” button to restart the simulation with a new population.


All about…


Evolve-A-Robot was developed as part of a summer Research Experience for Teachers (RET, see below) and is intended to be an instructional aid for teaching Evolutionary Computation (EC). It can be used equally well by students new to the concepts of EC as well as students that have already had an introduction to Genetic Algorithms (GA). It requires only that the viewing browser has WebGL enabled (Chrome recommended; enabled by default).

The RET Program

This website is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS 1300794 administered by the College of Engineering at Michigan State University. Click here for more information.

The Authors

Jared M. Moore

Jared started this project on his own website (Jared M Moore) as a means for teaching evolutionary robotics to K-12 students. He quickly discovered, however, that Evolve-A-Robot could be of use to the ALIFE community in general.

Anthony J. Clark

Like Jared, Tony has used WebGL technologies in his own research, and joined the project to help make Evolve-A-Robot a better teaching tool.

Charles M. Payson

Charlie is a mechanical engineer and award winning teacher at the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center in Michigan. Through the RET program, Charlie works with Jared and Tony on summer research projects relating to evolutinoary robotics.


It would be remiss of us not to mention A good site that can be used as an introduction to or in parallel with this one.